Tune Up in 2010

by Jay on

Great News! We will be holding three Days of Fine Tuning in 2010:

  • February 27
  • May 22
  • October 9

Last July we held this single-day course for a full course of 10 students. It was a fantastic day, yielding the following testimonial:

The Day of Fine Tuning provide me with a supportive team with whom I could explore some issues that were keeping me stuck. Since all the participants had already done workshops at the center, we were able to play a very active role in identifying the issues we wanted to look at that day. The pace was brisk and exciting. I felt like we had accomplished so much in a little time. I learned as much from my own work as a I did from observing the processes of others. And I still had a whole day of my weekend left to enjoy!

Maggie Krochalk

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