Are you really too busy to reach out?

by Patricia on

This weekend a long-time friend was admitted to the hospital with an apparent stroke, which turned out to be a brain tumor. It is a very challenging situation on so many, many levels.

I am once again reminded about how quickly life can “fall apart” and how the ripples of that collapse touch friends, family, pets. I am also seeing in this situation how a family that was being torn apart by haggling over relatively small amounts of money in an estate are now brought together by this collapse. It remains to be seen if they can get past their “ego” to be with each other and their brother.

The other side of this reminder is the importance of forgiveness, of staying connected, of caring and loving and being with those we love because at any moment, they may be gone. This situation has opened the doors to many memories – my mother’s suicide, my dad’s untimely death, and other losses that came unexpectedly and quickly turning my life upside down. Great sadness for all the times I didn’t reach out, stay connected, say “I love you.”

I forgive myself for the times I have allowed other things to be more important than life itself, my family, my friends, my pets. I encourage you to do the same.

Then take a moment, reach out to the people you love. Send them an unexpected card or note, give them time and love, call and say “I love you.”

This would be a good time then for me to say to you… I love you! I am most grateful for the unique you, the gifts you bring to the world, the love you are carrying in your heart. Know that is true, whether I have met you or not, whether we are “connected” or not. You are here on this planet, therefore you are a gift. May you know it, share it, and be blessed with the love that who you really are – and may you have the compassion to hold all others in that same way.

We only have the NOW. Fill it with love and presence and blessings. Then reach out touch someone, it matters!

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