Emotions are like weather – constantly changing!

by Patricia on

As I opened the front door today to get the paper, I was greeted by a blast of cold air. I shivered at the thought that winter was coming quickly. My next wish was for warmth. So I shut the door.

Then I realized that many of us do emotions the same way. We walk through life, opening doors to experiences in the moment. With some experiences, the emotional response is chilling like the late fall air. And most of us, instead of appreciating the experience and breathing it in, we quickly shut the door. “I don’t want to be —- (cold).” And in shutting the door, in our resistance to the emotion, we close out the gift of the experience.

Now, at home, I am not recommending that you keep the door open, chilling your house! Remember that the average emotion, when we don’t resist it or obsess about it, lasts only about 6 seconds. What if you just stood there, in the experience, for those six seconds? Then choose to close the door and return to the warmth of your home or go out the door, into the world. Go into the experience to find out what it has to offer you, or retreat to your inner self. Either option works. It just depends on what you want to do next, what you want to accomplish in the next moment of now.

Whether you live in the tropics, the Midwest, or the North Pole, one thing is for sure – the weather will change. The temperature will vary, the winds will vary, the humidity will vary.

Our emotions, like the weather, will change. Breathe into them and the next six seconds will be different, or the same – you won’t know until it happens! And in that moment, celebrate what is and then choose what you want to do, in the next moment – stay in or go out, at 100%. Don’t stay in, complaining about the cold and how awful it is outside. Don’t go out and complain about the weather and wish you were inside. Be where you are, breathe into it. The experience of the moment is truly AMAZING!

Now for a cup of hot chai, the Sunday paper (comics first!) and slippers on my feet. Yes, I have been writing in my pj’s! I was so inspired that I just had to do it NOW. I’m glad I did. Enjoy the moment and the emotion. Six seconds passes quickly.

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George November 14, 2010 at 1:45 pm

Wonderful both as metaphor and simple observation and acceptance of reality. I often feel surprised and slighty sad when people talk about weather in terms of good or bad, “nice” or “not nice out.” Sad because, in perceiving our experience in such dualities, we fail to fully appreciate the complete rhythms and cycles of life; to BE fully alive in this, and each, moment.


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