Lighten Up Your Holidays!

by Patricia on

Lightening up your holidays doesn’t mean adding more lights to your Christmas tree. It means easing the stress load that holidays seem to bring with them – reminders of holidays past, those we loved who aren’t with us anymore, and fears of holidays present, those people we wish we didn’t have to deal with again this year!  Not to mention spending money on gifts, lots of temptations with food and sweets, and hectic schedules.  You can lighten your load in all of these areas.  There is hope for a holiday you’ll want to remember for years to come.

Holiday Peace Buddy
 Make an agreement with a friend that you will support each other during the holidays. Before the holidays begin you can discuss what you feel mad, sad, scared and glad about, and what might activate the mad, scared and sad specifically during the holidays. If you can, schedule a brief call each day before the holidays to check in and see how you are both doing. Be sure both people get time to share by using a timer–if the call is 10 minutes, each person can share for 5. You might also choose to make an agreement that if you get emotionally activated during the holiday (Aunt Martha doesn’t like her gift, etc.), you can call your buddy, and if they are available they can chat for a few minutes. And if they aren’t available, that’s ok! Just making the call and leaving a brief message about what’s happening will do more for you than you might imagine.

Carry an Emotional Emergency Kit In a tote bag or brief case, gather a notebook, pen, images that are peaceful, music (ipod, on your phone) that is peaceful, quotes or poems that bring you peace, a list of your favorite stress relievers, crystals or other anchors that represent peace to you, flower essences or essential oils (aroma therapy), Rescue Remedy, reminders to breathe. Sometimes when we are stressed we have difficulty remembering our options. When you carry your emotional emergency kit you will be able to just reach into the bag and pick something out.

This is just a short excerpt of the content of our latest Grow in the Light call. I will post more tips over the next few days to help you have a peaceful holiday season.

Remember that this winter holiday season started with holy days in religious traditions. The “reason for the season” is to celebrate love. Bless all you encounter, be patient and kind to yourself, and your holidays will be filled with love.

P.S. To help you move through any residual emotions and start your new year on a clear note, check out Day of Forgiveness and Gratitude and Day of Fine Tuning in January.

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