What do you take for granted?

by Patricia on

This last weekend we did a Vets Journey Home weekend at San Marcos Camp in Santa Barbara, CA. We were in a canyon of great beauty and magnificence. I was aware, city girl that I am, of the great beauty that some people will never see. I also saw great beauty in the hearts of the veterans who came to the weekend to find peace and joy again.

Whether we agree with a war or not, it remains that very brave men and women put their lives on the line or stand ready to do so and as a result suffer in their hearts. Our warriors return with deep pain, sometimes both emotionally and physically, and yet we often neglect to help them heal that pain and give them a homecoming.

The number of suicides, divorces, addictions and other difficulties and challenges that happen every day with veterans and their families is staggering.

I invite you to join me in taking some time to consider what you take for granted. Just stop, look around you, notice all that you have, all that you have the freedom to do, be and have, and say a prayer of gratitude for the warriors who fight for those freedoms (in the military, in political arenas, in everyday grassroots efforts) and make a commitment to stay aware of the many blessings that you have.

I am humbled every time I do Vets Journey Home and every time I stop to be aware and mindful of what has been given to me in this life, on this planet. Thank you for caring and considering my words and for being a part of making a difference.

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Tom February 12, 2011 at 3:28 am

Very inspiring article..thanks for sharing. .. Many things
in my life has been granted, I am so thankful about it.
And i’m so blessed…


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